Am I the same person I was before I became a Mum?

I've been thinking about this question quite a lot recently. My littlest Keepsake started school in September and with this I feel have entered a new chapter in my life, I feel as if I suddenly have a bit more breathing space. I don't know about you but everything has either been in fast forward or pause since I very first became pregnant, I haven't had time to think about anything other than my babies and their feelings. Now with three school aged children there is some time and so it got me thinking. There's no denying I am older, slightly rounder and considerably more exhausted than I was pre children, I do a lot less clubbing and a LOT more tidying (how on earth can small people make such a mess ALL the time?) but after much deliberation I think essentially I am the same person underneath. I still put massive value in my friendships, I still wake up with a head full of ideas and the desire to run with them, I still love a bit of good old fashioned gossip, I still need my mum to listen to me when I am upset and I still get irate at the injustice of racism, sexism and deprivation. So, yes I am still the same person but I am happy to report I am in a place where I am comfortable with myself, this was perhaps something I was lacking in my teens and early twenties. I no longer feel the need to fit with the trend and I am more confident in my own decisions. In short being a mum has made me a better version of myself , albeit a greyer and less streamlined version!

What about you? Are you the same, different or a bit of both? I found it really difficult to define who I am when I started to think about this. Have a go and do let me know, I would love to hear. What are YOUR priorities to yourself? What makes you happy? What makes you mad? What do you place great value in? What do you like about yourself?

20 years of friendship, 5 children between us, numerous jobs, mortgages and busy lives yet we are still exactly the same when together - I guess some things never change. 'Dobson, Dobson, give us a wave' xxx

How snuggly does this lovely lion look. He was made from some super soft baby grows, divine vests and a wonderfully fluffy snowsuit. He was ready and home in time to be wrapped up for a special little boy's first birthday. What a lovely way to remember that first year.
A super pretty elephant made from some oh so sweet and girlie baby sleep suits. I enjoyed using the frills, pretty details and gentle patterns to give this elephant her loveable personality.

A delightful 4 Patch Cushion made for a gorgeous girl and her mummy. They are both big fans of Disney so I managed to use all the Disney details from Darla-Belle's first outfits to create this beautiful Cushion Cover.

My Keepsakes.

As you know I have three children, it amazes me almost daily at how very different they are. They have all been brought up exactly the same, by the same parents and in the same location yet they are all completely unique.

My eldest Keepsake is sensitive yet stroppy (I am 100% sure he gets that from his Dads side of the family ;-) ). He is into gadgets and technology, yet is so completely unorganised that it can bring me to tears (two, yes two, school jumpers lost within the first half term *sobs quietly while ordering more AGAIN*). My middle Keepsake is intrinsically cool, he makes no effort to be it just comes naturally to him. He is perpetually disappointed that he isn't 17 and I have no doubt that he could run the world if he put his mind to it. He loves running, jumping, kicking a ball and being at the park with his 'mates'. He is supremely organsied and keeps his room in perfect order. Then there's my littlest Keepsake, she can be shy and nervous to try new things yet very bossy in an environment that she is comfortable in. She has the ability to wrap her brothers and her Dad round her finger and as the baby of our family she very much plays to her strengths. I was always a believer that nurture was stronger than nature with personality development but I am having to reassess this. What about you, do you have more than one child? Are they different? Have they been since day one? I, as an only child, have no background knowledge (perhaps that's why I naively thought it was all nurture). Do you have siblings? As siblings are you different, similar or a mix? I really would love to know, I find the whole thing totally fascinating.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or would like more information on any of the Keepsakes I'd love to hear from you. I can be contacted via any of the links below
Love Gemma xxx