More from me and my Keepsakes, with a quick visit from the Tooth Fairy.

20 Random Facts About ME

This has been a tag floating around Instagram for a while so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and give you, a somewhat scary, insight into me:

1) I am a qualified Teacher.
2) I have had three LARGE babies and am still waiting for my medals.
3) I'm originally from Manchester, while I don't live there now I ♡ M'CR.
4) I am an only child.
5) I detest Baked Beans, I feel nauseous just thinking about them.
6) I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is my favourite show EVER!
7) I failed my driving test due to breaking the speed limit, twice.
8) Mr Keepsake and I met at Reading Festival in 2000.

9) I am a terrible, terrible cook.
10) My friends mean the world to me.
11) I once fell through a glass table while dancing with Woody Harrelson.
12) My favourite number is 27.
13) Frogs freak me out.
14) I am a night owl, fighting (a losing) battle to become an early bird.
15) I LOVE champagne, especially on an empty stomach.
16) I have back packed around China, India and America.
17) Gardening confuses me.
18) The only thing worse than my cooking is my singing.
19) As a child I had an imaginary Black Labrador called Jet - I loved that dog!!!
20) My children amaze me everyday.
The Lion is such a fun Keepsake to make. The mane is the first part I design and the first part that I sew, it is such a center point to each Keepsake Lion's personality. Each Keepsake is completely unique and reflects so many happy memories

I love making Keepsake Quilts, they require a lot of work but become such a part of my daily life that I find I grow a really affinity to them.

This gorgeous Cot Bed Size Quilt was created using so many sweet outfits from Rhonwen's first few months.

My boys were very jealous of this Super Hero Giraffe and 4 Patch Cushion Cover Set.

When I create the Giraffe Keepsake the first part I make is the face so they instantly take on their own personality, I never tire of this.

My Keepsakes

Forget the election, the big news in our house this week was the increasing wobbliness of the middle Keepsake's tooth. Friday was the big day and out it fell. Cue much excitement and obligatory photo taking of that oh so cute gappy smile.

When the eldest Keepsake started loosing his teeth I *Ahem, the tooth fairy* struggled to find the tooth under the pillow (it's dark, there's a lightly sleeping, yet overly excitable child, so even the most stealth like fairy can struggle). I designed a Tooth Fairy Cushion, the pocket holds the tooth and then the return coin. It's just the right size to fit (and find) under the pillow.

Lennox enjoyed choosing his fabric and after much deliberation went with the Cheeky Monkey option. As I had made some up for the Baby Show, I was recently an exhibitor at, and because they were so well received I have been meaning to add them to my Facebook Page and Website. I will add it to my ever growing 'To Do' list and try to get them up this week. In the mean time if you would like one they are £10.00 (including P&P), just drop me an email to gemma.keepsake@gmail.com

And Finally...

Thanks to everyone who gave me some Feedback to the first BlogLetter. It was so lovely to hear that you enjoyed it - honestly I was beaming at every comment I received. The winner has been found and is in the process of getting her baby clothes together, I will of course share a picture once the Keepsake is completed and safely home.

As always if you have any comments, questions, or ideas then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much

Gemma xx

P.S. I tag you ALL to give me 20 Random Facts about themselves - I promise I'll read and respond to them all - go on, you can't be any stranger than I am!!! xxx Let me know via any of the links below :-)