Keepsakes From My Sewing Room

Much excitement when my friend Jo and I met Stuart from the Great British Sewing Bee :-)

My friend Jo and I met Stuart from the Great British Sewing Bee :-)

Keepsakes : We specialise in the creation of memory Keepsakes, created from old children's clothes or belongings.


Hello! My name is Gemma, I am originally from Manchester but have lived in London, Glasgow, Chester, Saudi Arabia, Melbourne and am now living near Milton Keynes. When I started to write this, I realised how difficult it is to pinpoint who you are in just a few sentences, but here is me in a nutshell: I am a mother of three lively, strong willed and hugely entertaining children, I am partner to an incredibly hard working man and daughter to my ‘crazy’ globe travelling parents. I’ve been told my children inherit their strong willed natures from me but I’m pretty sure that is from their dad’s side of the family ;-) I enjoy sewing, laughing with friends and eating cake. I love music, colour and laughter. I massively dislike sexism, racism and baked beans.

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a sewing machine in our house. I moved quite a lot as a child and I remember my mum’s sewing machine being the main bone of contention with all removal firms, it weighed a ton and my mum was very insistent it was treated with great care!

My mum taught me to sew from a young age, I then hit teenage years and promptly ignored all efforts to draw me back to sewing ! I rediscovered my love of sewing after my first baby was born. When pregnant I gave up smoking and took up eating so after he was born I was trying to lose the weight and came up with the theory that I couldn’t eat while sewing, ummmm, I do still seem to be able to sneak the odd piece of cake in and several large mugs of tea a day in though but hey ho we can’t all be perfect!

I made lots of different items for the baby (and subsequent babies), lots of things for myself and friends but then started to think about how to develop my ideas.

With three young children of my own I became all too aware of how quickly they grow. I found that I had items of clothing that held so many memories that I just couldn't bear to part with them, yet they sat boxed up in my loft and being slowly forgotten about. One day I found Funky Friends Factory Sewing Designs and decided to bring them down and turn them into something that would allow me to remember all those lovely memories, on a regular basis. Once all three of my children had their own Keepsakes I moved on to making them for friends and family. I enjoyed it so much I then decided to open up 'Keepsakes From My Sewing Room'. These unique Keepsakes are a beautiful way to remember a treasured time of life or to mark a special occasion. Currently available in the range are Monkeys, Giraffes, Lions, Heirloom Bears, Puppy Dogs, Cows, T-Rex's, Unicorns, Cushion Covers, a Retro Elephant and a rather funky Owl. Prices start from £32.00, please see my photo albums for prices and information on how to order. I use Retro Mama and Original Funky Friends Factory designs so if there is an animal that you would particularly like please let me know, Pauline makes so many amazing designs I'm sure we can find what you are looking for.

Important Information

Keepsakes are NOT toys and are NOT suitable for children under the age of 14.

Each Keepsake is designed, cut and created by me, (using Original Funky Friends Factory and Retro Mama Patterns) in my Sewing Room at the back of the house. Due to the unique and individual nature of each Keepsake they can not be CE Toy Standard accredited. Part of the CE process is to set fire to every single prototype, which would obviously ruin the desired look of your Keepsake! Plus I like to use as many details from the original outfits as possible (such as buttons, lace, ribbons etc) and they could therefore pose a chocking hazard.

Each Keepsake is designed and adapted to show off as many memories as possible but they are just that - a Keepsake. So please, please, pretty please don't give them to anyone under the age of 14 to play with.

If you have any questions about this, or indeed any other aspect of the Keepsakes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much

Gemma xx